Trial runs at BER: Pilots wanted

17.01.12 10:53
Berlin Brandenburg Airport is looking for pilots interested in simulating aircraft take-offs and landings at the new airport with the aid of vehicles as part of a taxiing simulation.
In order to ensure everything runs smoothly, Berlin Brandenburg Airport started trial runs in late November. By May 2012, the new airport will have undergone numerous tests. To make processes as realistic as possible, all conceivable procedures will be run through prior to opening – on the airfield, too. Vehicles will be used to simulate all aircraft taxiing on aircraft operation areas – from landing to take-off – as part of a taxiing simulation. A valid licence or training as a professional pilot (at least CPL/IFR multi-engine) or airline transport pilot is required to become a test pilot. Experience in scheduled flights would be advantageous. In return, after a detailed briefing, a unique opportunity to be one of the first to test the new airport and thus be instrumental in making sure all apron operations are optimised prior to the airport opening awaits all interested pilots. The trials will run from 14/02/2012 to 16/05/2012.

Please send all applications to info.probebetrieb@berlin-airport.de.

More information on the taxiing simulation can be found at:

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