Legal dispute resolved: Churches near the airport to get noise protection

07.02.12 09:14

The legal dispute brought before the Federal Administrative Court regarding noise protection measures for churches near the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport has been resolved. A settlement was signed to this effect by Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH and the evangelical parishes Blankenfelde and Schulzendorf-Waltersdorf. The settlement applies to 20 evangelical parishes around the new airport.

The agreement is in line with the noise protection guidelines for establishments that are particularly worthy of protection (such as hospitals, day nurseries and schools), as provided for by the planning permission decision and upheld by the Federal Administrative Court of final appeal.

Berlin Airports is thus obliged to install noise protection measures in church buildings or reimburse the costs for such measures. In order to receive noise protection measures, the continuous sound level inside the church buildings during the day must exceed 42 decibels and/or a maximum of 55 decibels more than 16 times a day. Berlin Brandenburg Airport will make a one-off payment of €3,000 to each cemetery in the outer residential area eligible for compensation. The parishes are free to invest the money in speaker systems, if they so wish.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: "We are delighted that a settlement was reached. This means church buildings will now also have good sound protection.

The expected additional costs for Berlin Airports have yet to be ascertained. So far, Berlin Brandenburg Airport has calculated €140 million for the extensive noise protection programme.

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