Taxi infrastructure at BER: Contract concluded between APCOA and Berlin Brandenburg Airport

29.03.12 17:18

Taxi traffic at Berlin Brandenburg Airport has been regulated: APCOA Autoparking GmbH has secured the licence to operate the taxi infrastructure at BER in a Europe-wide contracting procedure. Besides operating the taxi infrastructure, APCOA is also in charge of parking management at the new airport.

"In APCOA we have acquired a first-rate operator with extensive experience in taxi management at European airports for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport", said Dr. Norbert Minhorst, Head of Non-Aviation Management at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. "BER will be the first German airport to use the APCOA system, which will enable extensive cooperation with taxi operators."

New taxi control system in operation at BER

APCOA will apply a modern taxi control system at Berlin Brandenburg Airport to regulate taxi traffic at the ranks. The new system has already been successfully deployed at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport.

Specially designed software uses a points system to control the time spent by taxis waiting to pick up passengers. The system awards points to each vehicle and its driver. Quality features such as vehicle outfit are also included in the assessment and determine whether taxis move along faster or slower. Points can also be deducted when drivers fail to adhere to the rules. Taxis with a higher score are rewarded by moving up the queue faster and thus being able to earn more.

Another advantage of the APCOA system is that instead of moving forward in the queue with their engine running, taxis switch off their engine and are requested individually.

The numerous problems currently experienced with taxi traffic are expected to become a thing of the past at BER. These include dealing with less lucrative short journeys. The taxi control system will make things much fairer. Taxis returning to the airport after a short trip will get preferential treatment.

"It really is a win-win situation for both passengers and taxi drivers", said APCOA Managing Director Peter Schneck. "Drivers get better working conditions and passengers get better quality taxis."

A total of 25 APCOA shift workers will take care of the drivers and passengers. Drivers can make use of designated staff rooms including a kiosk and terrace to bridge the gap between longer waiting times. Display boards keep drivers up to date and indicate when it's their turn again.

Taxi rides from Berlin Brandenburg Airport are likely to incur a surcharge of €1.50. This means that there will be no additional costs for the taxi operator, who will pay €1.50 per trip for the use of the infrastructure.

Further information will be available to interested taxi firms as of mid April 2012 at


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