Regional restaurateurs also declare their solidarity with BER tenants

18.06.12 10:28
Members of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) participate in HBB's recruitment initiative for staff not needed until the new airport opens

The retail trade association Handelsverband Berlin-Brandenburg (HBB) has set up an information platform, BER-HBB-PERSONAL, to help airport tenants affected by the delayed opening.

BER tenants are thus being offered the opportunity, if permitted to do so by those concerned, to pass employee profiles on to HBB. The association will then pass this information directly on to interested members. In accordance with legal requirements, the respective companies will sign a temporary staffing contract or will find other ways to employ these staff in the interim in shops in the region.

The legal advisors of the HBB association will supervise the entire process until the airport opens.

Upon agreement with members of the Hotel and Restaurant Association, the model will be extended to the food and beverage sector.

"Colleagues Thomas Lengfelder (DEHOGA Berlin) and Olaf Lücke (DEHOGA Brandenburg) contacted HBB immediately and will actively support the project. Interested DEHOGA member companies will promptly receive information on qualified personnel currently not needed at BER", said Nils Busch-Petersen, Managing Director of HBB. Details will be discussed this week.

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