Traffic Report for June: BER flight schedule generates traffic growth in Schoenefeld and Tegel

06.07.12 11:23
Growth trend in the Berlin region continues unabated / Strong traffic growth in June

Passenger record in the first six months

In the first six months of 2012 more passengers than ever used the airports in the Berlin region. In total, between January and June 11,871,008 passengers arrived or departed from Schoenefeld and Tegel Airports. This is an increase over the same period of the previous year of 580,575 passengers (+5.1 per cent). In Schoenefeld, 3,421,623 passengers were counted in the first six months (+2.0 per cent); in Tegel there were 8,449,385 passengers (+6.5 per cent).

Between January and June the number of flight movements decreased by 1.8 per cent (compared with the same period of the previous year) to 117,572 take-offs and landings; capacity utilisation rose by 2.8 per cent 71.7 per cent. The volume of air cargo declined by 4.3 per cent to 15,272 tons.

Airport CEO Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz summed up: “The traffic figures for the first six months show quite clearly that the aviation market in the Berlin region remains a stable growth market. This, of course, increases the challenges we face in handling the current volume of passengers with our services at Tegel and Schoenefeld. To further boost service quality for our passengers we conduct weekly assessments to see what went well, what went wrong and where can we improve and make processes even better? We are very grateful to our employees and all the companies that operate at the airport who day after day put an incredible effort into ensuring that air traffic in the Berlin region runs smoothly.”

Strong traffic growth in June

In June Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports handled a total of 2,308,303 passengers, a 7.3 per cent increase over the same month of the previous year. Since the start of the summer flight schedule there have been flights to 170 destinations in 50 countries from Berlin. There are 17 new destinations, of which nine were added in June: Bilbao, Birmingham, Bologna, Kaliningrad, Leeds, Marseille, Memmingen, Rijeka and Valencia.

Last month, 639,754 passengers used Schoenefeld Airport. This result is a year-on-year increase of 1.1 per cent. In Tegel there were 1,668,549 passengers in June, a year-on-year increase of 10.0 per cent.

The total number of flight movements in Schoenefeld and Tegel in June 2012 was 22,348 take-offs and landings, an increase of 3.4 per cent over the same month of the previous year. At the same time the capacity utilization of the aircraft decreased by 3.6 per cent to 71.0 per cent due to the strong capacity expansion. In June, air cargo dropped by 6.8 per cent to 2,735 tons.

All values for this month are based on preliminary figures. The traffic statistics of Berlin Airports (final figures) can be found online here:

Service information for passengers

The increasing growth in air traffic has meant that Berlin’s two airports, and Tegel in particular, are operating at their capacity limits. The airport operating company apologises for any inconvenience caused by the current situation at Schoenefeld and Tegel: please allow extra time – particularly if you are travelling through Tegel – to get to the airport, check in and pass through security. There are only a limited number of parking spaces available: if possible, we recommend that you travel to the airport on public transport.
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