Today's decision by the Federal Constitutional Court: Judges dismiss suit filed against BER planning permission

31.07.12 11:00

The Federal Constitutional Court (BVerwG) today dismissed a suit filed by the Kleinmachnow local authority as well as suits by private persons against the planning permission decision reached for Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg. Suits were filed with the BVerwG against the planning per-mission decision as the plaintiffs saw their rights violated by the flight path specifications for BER.

Airport CEO Dr Rainer Schwarz: "Today's decision is clear and unambigu-ous. The approval for the airport is legally valid and has been confirmed by the decisions of the highest German constitutional court authority. The judges of the Federal Constitutional Court have thereby confirmed the go-ahead for the most important future project in the region around the capital. I am certain that, despite our current problems, we will lead the airport to success. Citizens from Berlin and Brandenburg rightly expect an efficient airport offering better connections to the world than the old Schönefeld and Tegel Airports. The new links offered by our airline partners will also give rise to new opportunities and perspectives for Berlin-Brandenburg."


The Berlin-Brandenburg policy in the field of air transport has been pursu-ing a clear course since the consensual resolution in 1996: closure of the Tegel and Tempelhof city airports as well as expansion of Schönefeld Air-port to become Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport. For economical as well as noise-related reasons, closure of Tegel and Tempelhof city airports and bundling of air traffic at BER represents a milestone: in 2004, 225,800 people in our region were affected by a permanent noise level of 55 dB(A) every day with overall passenger figures of 15 million. In 2023, a mere 59,600 will be affected despite passenger figures doubling (source: Na-tional Development Plan for Airport Location Development, 2006).
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