Berlin Brandenburg Airport welcomes new apprentices: 24 trainees start their career

01.08.12 15:01
Commercial and industrial/technical training as well as cooperative study programmes / Trainees gain an insight into the company during induction weeks / Graduates successfully complete their training / Applications now being accepted for the 2013 training year

Today marks the beginning of training at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH for 24 young men and women – and thus three more than last year – aged between 16 and 24. There continues to be a great deal of interest in training places at the airport, with around 1,000 applications having already been submitted. After making it past the selection process, 16 trainees are now starting a course of commercial or technical vocational training and eight students a course of cooperative study at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. There are currently 78 trainees and students taking part in an airport training scheme.

Trainees start the new training year with two interesting and varied weeks of induction. In joint seminars, the youngsters gain an insight into the company and its departments, and meet colleagues. They are also introduced to training association partners GlobeGround Berlin and DHL. In addition, they are given important technical and organisational information as well as safety instructions. At the same time, trainees in higher years relay their experiences and provide valuable tips.

Amann previously headed the Realisation Management Department at Frankfurt's airport company, Fraport, where he was responsible amongst others for constructing the new runway and planning Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport. Prior to this, Amman was employed at Deutsche Bahn, where he was responsible for constructing the high-speed route between Frankfurt/Main and Cologne, as well as the international railway station at Frankfurt Airport. Within the sector, he is regarded as being assertive and availing of extensive construction experience. Amann will succeed Dr. Manfred Körtgen, who has held this position for the past four years.


Various training opportunities

This year, 10 trainees are starting a course of commercial training to become business administrators or air traffic management assistants. During the three-year training course, they will be placed in various fundamental and job-specific departments, in order to gain an insight into modern airport management. Six new recruits will be trained in technical professions. During their three-and-a-half years of training, they will learn the basic skills necessary for becoming a systems administrator and mechatronics technician in the various technical departments of the airport. Theoretical training takes place at a sixth form college in Berlin or Brandenburg over the course of 13 weeks' block instruction per training year. Eight trainees complete the practical part of their three-year course of cooperative study in Business Administration/Industry, Business Administration/Facility Management, Business Administration/Real Estate Management, IT and Business Information Technology in the specialist departments of Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Trainees will alternate between academic training at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and practical training every three months.

As the airport company promotes the entry of women and men into non-traditional professions, this year will see the first woman starting her first semester in IT and a man starting out as an up-and-coming business administrator.

On completing their training and passing their exams, the trainees will receive a Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) vocational qualification; students will graduate with a Bachelor's degree.

Airport company congratulates trainees

In 2012, a total of 23 trainees will complete their training with the airport company. Sixteen graduates have already passed their exams. A separate collective wage agreement exists for trainees and students taking a cooperative course of study at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. This and the respective employment agreement determine the rules for being taken on after successfully completing the training. Graduates with very good marks in both the theoretical and practical parts of training will be given the offer of being kept on for a 12-month period and graduates with good marks for a six-month period.

Applications for the 2013 training year

1 August 2012 is also the starting date for accepting applications for the 2013 training year. Berlin Brandenburg Airport offers a variety of practical training opportunities in an exciting growth industry. The final date for applications for the 2013 training year is 31 October 2012. Interested applicants can find detailed information at:
Hannes Stefan Hönemann

Hannes Stefan Hönemann Head of Corporate

+49 30 6091-70100

Daniel Tolksdorf

Daniel Tolksdorf Spokesperson

+49 30 6091-70100

Kathrin Westhölter

Kathrin Westhölter Spokesperson

+49 30 6091-70100