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14.08.12 13:07

This coming Thursday’s issue of STERN carries a report headed “Islamist-Controlled Access to Airport Construction Site” according to which “the job of access control on the site of Berlin’s future international airport, BER, was entrusted to illegally employed workers, of all people.”

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) issues the following statement:

On the evening of 02.08.2012, a joint team was despatched by Customs and Excise and the State Office for Criminal Investigation (LKA) to mount an inspection, like many similar inspections in past years, targeting illegally employed workers, ie, those doing undeclared work. The inspection took place outside the construction site (and thus also outside the aviation security area of the future BER) and outside the aviation security area of the existing Schoenefeld Airport. 

During the course of the inspection, illegally employed individuals were identified, who were working for a sub-subcontractor of the security com-pany SECURITAS in the public access area where the construction site containers are situated. The individuals in question were not assigned to the secure construction site itself (and therefore not within the future avia-tion security area of the future BER) and were not actually on the Schoene-feld Airport site. They held neither an access permit for the construction site nor an airport security pass.

The airport authorities nevertheless reacted immediately and, in response to the inspection on 02/08/2012, last week demanded that SECURITAS perform intensive security checks on each member of its workforce, even those working only in the area open to the general public. Until now all em-ployees (also subcontractors) were legally required to present a police certificate of good conduct and to abide by the collective wage agreement.

Clear Division of Responsibilities and Demands on Security Companies

SECURITAS is not commissioned by the airport authorities to perform access controls for the construction site of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. This service is provided by KÖTTER. The location of the Customs and Excise/LKA inspection on 02.08.2012 was not within the precincts of the construction site, but at the construction site containers (site administration). Until a few weeks ago, this location still belonged to the secure area of the construction site. It is now within the public access area, which is why SECURITAS was entrusted with its security.

System for the Precise Monitoring of Individuals On Site

Furthermore, the site of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is explicitly not yet an aviation security area. Instead, by commencing construction of BER, the airport authorities initiated the delimitation of a construction site. This permits the precise monitoring of individuals on the building site. This goes far beyond the regulations that apply to most building sites in Germany. On completion of construction and prior to the commencement of airport operations, the entire future aviation security area will be thoroughly screened.
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