Noise protection in special facilities

24.10.12 11:47


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Apart from private households, approximately 50 individual facilities that particularly merit protection, such as kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, churches and hospitals within the airport environment, are also entitled to soundproofing measures.

Applications for soundproofing have already been submitted for 40 of these facilities.

With regard to these facilities:

  • Construction measures have already been completed in 20 facilities, and the costs have been reimbursed.
  • The prerequisites for commencing the construction work and having it completed before the BER goes into operation are met at eight facilities.
  • The conditions required for construction to commence are met at two of the facilities. Due to the scope of the construction measures, they will be concluded after the BER enters operation.
  • Five facilities only wish to make a decision on which measures they want to implement after the BER has gone into operation.
  • There are five facilities in which further processing by the airport company is only possible once the respective responsible authority has decided in favour of soundproofing measures.

Feustel primary school

  • Necessary measures: Two windows had to be replaced and 24 rooms fitted with a ventilation system.
  • Construction period: The contract for the building project was awarded in June 2010. At the parents' and teachers' meeting it was decided that initially only some rooms should be converted to serve as examples so that they could get an idea of what the implemented soundproofing was like. The measures were implemented between June 2011 and February 2012. Acceptance of the construction work was performed in two phases depending on the level of completion: in May and September 2012.
  • Costs: Approx. 357,000 euros in total. Of which approx. 41,000 euros were for voluntary measures. The voluntary measures were looked into and implemented at the request of the school, and the costs are being borne by the airport company. Two further rooms were fitted with ventilation systems (approx. 10,000 euros), two additional windows were installed (approx. 5,000 euros), and rooms were created to replace storage space that had been lost (approx. 26,000 euros).

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