FOCUS report - Status quo: checking potential security deficiencies

13.11.12 09:15

As announced in our press release on 11/11/2012, the airport company and the relevant authorities have launched an investigation into the matter reported in the latest issue of FOCUS.

As already mentioned on 11/11/2012, security checkpoints and alarmed emergency exit doors locked from the outside prevent access to the security areas of Tegel and Schönefeld Airport. Unhindered and uncontrolled access to aviation security is generally not possible thanks to established security systems and processes approved by EU and national security. Current security measures are adequate and meet legal requirements.

Nevertheless, despite these high restrictions on access, unauthorised access to the security area was possible in the case described by FOCUS. The current investigation being carried out in close cooperation with the authorities revealed a technical door to an installation cabinet containing power lines in a private maintenance area as a potential access point. If it turns out that this door was passable, it could only be the case of an isolated incident likely caused by human error.

The airport company has responded to the current situation promptly and taken the necessary measures to prevent any further unlawful access in cooperation with the relevant authorities. It is also re-examining all interfaces between the public areas and aviation security.




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