Regarding today's report in the Berliner Morgenpost

  • No bottlenecks
  • BER is designed to meet demands
  • Leap in quality from Tegel to BER

A report in today's issue of the Berliner Morgenpost refers to a document produced by architect Dieter Faulenbach-da Costa on behalf of the CDU Brandenburg, reporting claims of capacity bottlenecks at BER.

In this respect, the airport company would like to state that concerns about the airport being too small are unfounded. The airport is designed to accommodate an initial capacity of 27 million passengers – airside, landside and in the terminal. Allegations of there being too few check-in desks and baggage reclaim carousels are baseless. With 118 check-in desks and 50 check-in kiosks, BER's check-in capacities are in line with the real needs of the airport, as agreed with airlines, and not theoretical considerations. Capacity considerations also take into account the synergy effects of the central check-in area, as opposed to a decentralised check-in procedure such as in Tegel, as well as the off-airport check-in rate, which is over a third and on the rise for major airlines in Berlin. No bottlenecks are expected either on the eight large baggage reclaim carousels when BER goes into operation – comparisons with Tegel cannot be made as only small baggage reclaim carousels are available at each gate.

Rainer Schwarz, Airport CEO: "BER Airport is a clear leap in quality compared to Tegel, which is currently stretched to capacity. This applies as much to travel to and from the airport by car and train as to all terminal procedures – from check-in and boarding to baggage reclaim."

The terminal has been designed, using passenger flow simulations, to accommodate a capacity of 27 million passengers. The 45 trial runs carried out so far have also given no indication of the airport being undersized. Capacity considerations for the airport are updated regularly on the basis of traffic developments. Here, too, there is no indication of the airport being too small to accommodate 27 million passengers. As the airport company has pointed out for years, the airport is being built to meet demand and is not over- or undersized. The airport's capacity will initially be increased to 30 million passengers and then gradually expanded to accommodate up to 45 million passengers, depending on market developments.

As regards Dieter Faulenbach-da Costa: Mr Faulenbach-da Costa has been actively opposed to the airport for years. While he is currently complaining about the airport allegedly being too small, at the beginning of construction he was suggesting building a smaller airport as it was too big. In an interview with the Berlin newspaper on 11/10/2007, for example, he responded to the question "Is the terminal planned for Schönefeld too big?" with "It is rather big." He then went on to say: "The totally oversized aprons could also be smaller."

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