In view of today's enquiries: no loopholes in security at BER


Further to enquiries made today by some colleagues in the airport company's Press Office as to whether there are loopholes in security at BER, here is a brief description of the current situation:

There are no loopholes in security on the BER construction site. A construction site is a construction site and not an aviation security area. The BER construction site is manned by guards to prevent potential theft and extensive controls are in place to stem any illegal activity. Prior to BER opening, the entire aviation security area of the airport will be subjected to an extensive official security check (so-called cleaning). Only then will the aviation side of the airport be deemed a security area by the authorities.

As regards the rbb journalist, who today told airport company staff about a tip-off received by his editorial office from a security firm regarding alleged loopholes in security on the airport construction site: it later emerged that the editorial office had decided to "create the story". It also emerged that, last Sunday evening, a volunteer from a production company entered the construction site illegally, dressed as a builder, made film recordings and was eventually apprehended by security staff. The illegal entry to the construction site was recorded by the police at the scene the very same evening. The airport company has already filed a complaint for trespassing.


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