Petition for referendum in Brandenburg
Residents’ interests already taken into account

04.12.12 11:47
The airport operator has issued the following statement concerning the petition for referendum in Brandenburg for a ban on night flights at Berlin Brandenburg Airport:

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO: “BER will serve the Berlin Brandenburg region which surrounds Germany’s capital city. We have already reached a very carefully balanced compromise between the region’s economic interests and the concerns of residents near the airport. Any tightening of this arrangement would have a huge impact on the local economy and therefore the livelihoods of the people in this area. Growth at the airport will outstrip the market for the tenth consecutive year in 2012 and we have doubled our passenger numbers during this time. For this positive trend to continue, we need a reliable framework for local businesses, our passengers and our airlines. It is absolutely essential that we operate flights at off-peak times so that we can create more jobs and strengthen the region’s economy. For BER to operate as a hub, airlines also have to be able to offer connections at off-peak times. A ban would put evening flights by aircraft based in Berlin at risk. Evening rotations by foreign network airlines would also be affected. Based on an assessment of the current slot situation, the proposed restrictions during off-peak periods would affect ten per cent of all passengers.”

“As of 27 October 2013, all air traffic in the Berlin area will be concentrated at BER. The closure of the inner-city Tegel Airport will permanently eliminate aircraft noise for more than 200,000 people in the region.”

“Closing the inner-city airports and focusing air traffic on the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport will massively reduce noise pollution in the region. In 2004, 225,800 people in our region were exposed to a permanent noise level of 55 dB(A) during the day; 15 million passengers used the airport at this time. In 2023, just 59,600 people will be affected by this level of aircraft noise, although passenger numbers will have doubled (source: regional development plan for airport site development, 2006).”

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