Concerning current reports on construction work at the BER


Corrections to computer system cooling and underground fuelling not time-critical

With regard to the reports on the shortcomings of the computer system cooling equipment and underground fuelling system that are listed in the current controlling report (4th Quarter of 2012), Horst Amann, Technical Director of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport company, explains: “A supplementary system will be built to ensure constant cooling of the central computer system all the year round. No re-tendering of contracts is necessary. The retrofitting will and can only be performed by the already engaged contractors. The cited shortcomings of the underground fuelling system are not of a general nature but rather only involve the replacement of a few components. The underground fuelling system is already partially filled with kerosene and is already being used selectively. Corrections to the specified items are not time-critical. The functional demonstration of the fire protection installations continues to be at the focus.”

Other shortcomings stated in reports during the past few days (e.g. escalators, ingress of rainwater) are also not time-critical.

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