Concerning current BILD newspaper reporting: Deliberately incomplete and misleading account of expert report

04.01.13 15:31
With regard to the report by the BILD newspaper in its issue today, the airport company states the following:

Economic growth is basically a positive development for any company. This naturally also applies to Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. With regard to the development of passenger figures: their doubling to an annual 25 million passengers in the past eight years is very pleasing.

The alleged "secret document" that was quoted in the BILD newspaper is a study commissioned by the board of management. At regular intervals the Airport Research Center examines capacities based on the flight registrations of the airlines. The study confirms the presence of sufficient ground handling resources for the 2013/14 winter flight schedule on the premise that active operational monitoring and management are provided.

Today's reporting by BILD deliberately provides a shortened and incomplete account of the study's results. The newspaper report, for instance, cites material from the study relating to the check-in areas with the words: “On a peak day there are not enough desks available as outage and standby reserves.” The study's key findings, according to which the number of check-in desks is sufficient for the traffic load of the 2013 winter season, are, however, deliberately omitted from the BILD report. The capacity of the baggage claim carousels is sufficient with the appropriate planning. Additional baggage claim carousels can be implemented directly after the opening, if needed.

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