On Saturday: delays on the road to and from Schönefeld Airport

06.06.13 17:29

Due to a demonstration this coming Saturday, 8 June 2013, travellers are warned that there may be delays on the road to and from Schönefeld Air-port. Visitors and passengers coming to the airport by car or bus are ad-vised to allow extra time to reach the airport.

The demonstration will be taking place between 3:00 and 5:00 pm on the B96a road between Kirchstraße and the turnoff for the terminal of Schöne-feld Airport.

Lanes in both directions may be temporarily blocked during this time. Trav-ellers are advised to use the Airport Express lines RE 7 and RB 14, and the S-Bahn lines S9 and S45 to get to the airport.

This demonstration is not an event organised by Flughafen Berlin Branden-burg GmbH. Police officers from the Dahme-Spreewald district will be pre-sent.

Hannes Stefan Hönemann

Hannes Stefan Hönemann Head of Corporate

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Daniel Tolksdorf

Daniel Tolksdorf Spokesperson

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Kathrin Westhölter

Kathrin Westhölter Spokesperson

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