Concerning an article in BILD newspaper on 2 July 2013 - Mehdorn is not personally involved in compensation negotiations with airberlin

02.07.13 13:27
airberlin is Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH’s biggest customer. airberlin and the airport operating company are currently engaged in several long-standing legal disputes concerning the payment of aviation fees.

When he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the airport operating company, Mr Mehdorn made very clear that he would not personally be conducting any negotiations with airberlin regarding the airline’s claim for damages. Accordingly, Hartmut Mehdorn assembled a negotiation team which is currently preparing a proposal for airberlin outlining potential approaches to resolving the various outstanding disputes; Hartmut Mehdorn is not involved in the work of this team. After several rounds of negotiations an out-of-court compromise proposal was drafted at the beginning of May; this proposal aims to the settle these expensive and time-consuming legal disputes.

airberlin requested that Hartmut Mehdorn confirm this proposal again in writing, a request that Mr Mehdorn acquiesced with. This proposal is identical to the proposal submitted by the negotiation team. At the same time, Mr Mehdorn informed the Chairman of the Supervisory Board about the action that had been taken.

airberlin rejected the proposal submitted by the negotiation team.

Now, the airport operator intends to seek the approval of the Supervisory Board to bring the various disputes to a swift conclusion through arbitration proceedings. The defence against and pursuit of claims for damages are tasks that fall within the operative core responsibility of the Board of Management, and the managing directors and officers of FBB are obligated to comply with this mandate in their position as representatives of FBB (in accordance with section 35 paragraph 1 GmbHG (German Limited Liability Companies Act)).

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