BER Noise Protection Program - Agreement reached with surrounding communities

04.07.13 11:11
Airport company agrees further action for implementation of Noise Protection Program with local mayors / Noise Protection Program is key component of SPRINT / Complaint on rejection of appeal unavoidable for legal liability reasons
In a series of intensive negotiations between representatives of BER Airport and the mayors of the surrounding communities, agreement on a joint line of action for implementation of the Noise Protection Program was reached at the end of last week. The joint objective of the airport and the mayors of the affected communities is to make a start immediately with implementation of the Noise Protection Program, using funds earmarked for construction works to reduce noise pollution. The following procedure was agreed in the negotiations:

1. The airport company (FBB) will, without any ifs or buts, reimburse the cost of soundproofing work to all legitimate claimants with houses and apartments, in which this type of work can be performed along the lines defined by the Higher Administrative Court. The FBB will write personally to all these affected parties as soon as possible explaining how the procedure will work.

2. The FBB will offer a similar procedure to all claimants with houses and apartments, in which this type of work cannot be performed because of the ceiling of 30% of market value fixed by the Higher Administrative Court. In this case, reimbursement of costs by the FBB will enable them to carry out the best possible structural soundproofing work available within this framework.

Independently of the present agreement, the FBB once again emphasizes that the complaint relating to the rejection of the appeal against the Higher Administrative Court’s decision on sound protection is not an action against the planning approval decision. This complaint was filed by the airport management solely because of legal liability considerations and should not be allowed to obscure the fact that the FBB plans to fulfill all obligations arising from the court’s decision.

Hartmut Mehdorn, Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, stated: “I am glad that is has been possible for us to reach agreement on future procedure for sound protection so quickly. Implementation of the Sound Protection Program is a key component of SPRINT. We want to ensure that people living in the area surrounding the airport have the best possible protection against noise pollution along the lines defined by the decisions of the Higher Administrative Court and the Federal Administrative Court. So much the better that we can now, with the backing of the mayors of the surrounding communities, make a clear statement: We will get started immediately on implementation of the Sound Protection Program.”

Over the next few days the FBB will be writing to all people living in the daytime protection area to give them information on how the agreed procedure will work.

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