Refurbishment of the northern runway - Work starts 2014

13.12.13 17:42

The northern runway at Berlin Brandenburg Airport will be refurbished in the second half of 2014 before the BER opens. The Supervisory Board today voted in favour of a corresponding decision by the Management Board of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. It is intended that the air traffic at Schönefeld Airport will temporarily be handled by the southern runway during the construction period that will last several months.

The refurbishment will involve renewal of the topmost layer of asphalt. The safety areas around the runway will likewise be surfaced in a similar way to the southern runway. Furthermore, the drainage gullies running along both sides of the northern runway as well as a wastewater channel will be replaced. Experts have determined that it is possible to dispense with a comprehensive renewal that would involve the complete removal and construction of all layers of the runway. For economic reasons, the runway lighting systems and approach lighting will be converted from halogen to LED technology in the course of the refurbishment.

Flight paths and protected zones have already been ascertained for flight operations on the temporarily used southern runway that will be handling the flight movements at Schönefeld. The soundproofing measures for residents are being implemented with priority there.

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