BER Noise Protection Programme


A statement concerning the ruling of the Federal Administrative Court

On 28 January 2014 the Federal Administrative Court announced that the rulings passed by the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg on 24 April 2013 concerning the BER Noise Protection Programme are legally binding. The Federal Administrative Court rejected the complaint filed by Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH against the denial of leave to appeal. Commenting on the ruling, Ralf Kunkel, Head of Berlin Airports’ Press Office, said: “The ruling does not alter the practical aspects at all. We will be putting in place the best possible noise protection in compliance with the strict specifications of the Higher Court of Administration. That is what we said we would do, and this what we intend to do.”


In July 2013, the airport operating company announced that it would be fully complying with all obligations arising from the ruling handed down by the Higher Court of Administration. In cooperation with the mayors of the mu-nicipalities in the vicinity of the new airport the airport operator agreed to a common approach in the implementation of the noise protection programme. The shared goal of the airport and the mayors of the communities affected is to implement the noise protection programme as swiftly as possible and to release the funds earmarked for the construction of the necessary measures. The airport operator had officially lodged a complaint against the denial to appeal against the Higher Administrative Court ruling due to liability reasons.

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