Refurbishment of BER North Runway: Application submitted


Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH FBB has submitted the application to refurbish the north runway of Schönefeld Airport to the Joint Aviation Authority for Berlin and Brandenburg (LuBB). As previously reported, for the duration of the construction work air traffic in Schönefeld will be handled on the south runway at BER which was finished in May 2011.

The airport operating company has decided to start the refurbishment of the runway at Schönefeld Airport before BER opens in order to cope with any capacity bottlenecks at BER when the airport starts operating. To enable the work to start (scheduled for 1 July 2014), all traffic will have to be rerouted to the south runway. By the start of construction, the majority of the needs assessments for physical noise protection or compensation for the local residents who live in the vicinity of the south runway will have been completed.

Commenting on today’s application, the Chief Executive Officer, Hartmut Mehdorn, said: “We have decided not to wait until BER opens and is operating to refurbish the runway. This would potentially cause capacity bottlenecks which the Berlin region cannot afford. We remain firm in our decision to open BER as soon as possible, and the refurbishment of the runway is an important step along the path to achieving this aim.”

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