Mehdorn contradicts Minister Görke

09.05.14 14:51

“More airport costs more money“

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH issued the following statement in response to the public remarks made by the Finance Minister of Brandenburg and member of the FBB Supervisory Board, Christian Görke with regard to the development of costs at BER: The impression that has been given that BER has exceeded its budget solely as a result of planning errors and construction faults is false.
Hartmut Mehdorn, Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH stated: "The fact that the overall cost of BER is higher than that planned before the construction work commenced is nothing new. Mr Görke’s comments are unhelpful and irritating because he is fully aware that BER has grown over the past years in order to keep pace with requirements. Originally, the airport was planned for 17 million passengers per year and a total cost of €2.4 billion. Today, we are planning for around 27 million passengers per year. The implemented and planned capacity extensions cost more money and time – this is neither new nor a scandal. This is a capacity adjustment needed to keep pace with market developments, and as such is a development that takes place at every airport, all over the world. Our current forecasts predict that passenger figures will continue to rise. If we do not want to have to turn away traffic then it is essential that we take further measures in order to compensate for the infrastructure capacity gap before the airport starts operating. We are presently examining the feasibility of continuing to use the old terminal in Schönefeld. On top of the overall cost of BER, we are also looking at a bill for noise protection measures of around €700 million which was not included in the original budget. These facts have been discussed in the supervisory committees for a long time now, and were submitted to the committees for the appropriate decisions to be taken.”

To ensure that the airport can open as speedily as possible and operate dependably, it is essential that everyone involved in the project discusses the issues at hand in a factually correct manner.

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