Airport CEO Mehdorn: “Zero Tolerance for Corruption”

28.05.14 11:06

Röbbelen, Head of Construction, Assumes Additional Duties and Responsibilities

Responding to a report from Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, the public prosecutor’s office in Neuruppin conducted a search of the offices of two accused associates and the private premises of the chief suspect as part of the investigation of suspected corruption at the airport. Airport CEO Hartmut Mehdorn issued the following statement concerning the latest developments in the investigation of possible corruption:

“We made public the allegation of corruption against one of our executive associates yesterday. This was unavoidable. The public prosecutor’s office has referred to the case as ‘the classic model of corruption in business dealings’. We believe that our policy of zero tolerance of corruption has been upheld by the findings of the public prosecutor’s office. Our contract awarding procedures function correctly. Our mechanisms have intervened as planned. However, we are not invulnerable to the criminal efforts of individuals. We will continue to give our full and complete support to the public prosecutor’s office and its investigations. We will make all of the decisions required under labour law in accordance with the findings of the public prosecutor’s office and continue our internal examinations. We deeply regret this incident, but ask that you understand we cannot say any more about the case at this time because of the ongoing investigations.”

Röbbelen provisionally takes over additional duties and responsibilities

Regarding the possible impact of the suspected corruption at BER Airport, Mehdorn stated, “The operational startup project is built on a solid foundation. Its success or failure is not dependent on a single associate. The work and responsibility related to this mammoth task of BER is distributed among a number of shoulders. Frank Röbbelen, our Head of Construction, will provisionally take over the responsibilities of the executive associate so that the impact on BER can be kept to the lowest possible level. We will also continue on our chosen path with new personnel assignments. We have drawn up solutions and commenced planning for the major technical issues which have until now prevented the opening of BER. We are working on smoke extraction issues. The overhaul of the cable boxes in the passenger terminal is also progressing. We received the construction permits for the remaining BER operational buildings in May. We have completed the work on the North Pier. We are preparing the documentation for submission at this time. Now we are concentrating on the planning and work for the remaining areas in the terminal and on the Main Pier and South Pier.”

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