Berlin Brandenburg Airport: Project coordinator realigns


WSP/CBP, which has been coordinating the planning and development of Berlin Brandenburg Airport since 2004, is realigning its involvement in BER. Long-term project manager Christian Manninger is withdrawing from the BER project at his own request to concentrate on other tasks within WSP in Germany.
In future, the core tasks of WSP will be performed by a more efficient team. The key tasks of the project coordinator include: ensuring adherence to the budget, deadlines and quality standards as well as coordinating all those involved in the project. The project coordinator is responsible for making sure all services rendered by those involved in the project are in compliance with contractual obligations, with a view to providing FBB with competent and professional support in achieving its project objectives.
‘We hope that by restructuring the BER team, we can help bring the airport online as quickly as possible’, said the head of WSP Germany, Torsten Schink.

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