Report in yesterday’s BamS newspaper:
No “extra costs” at BER


Yesterday’s issue of the German tabloid Bild am Sonntag (BamS) reported on so-called "extra costs" of €3.2 billion for BER. This is a misleading claim. The document quoted by the BamS is an internal FBB paper which was obtained illegally. This paper provides a strategic outlook for the period to 2035 in which FBB forecasts a significant increase on current passenger numbers. The document collates internal deliberations on this matter, but never formed the basis for decision-making. Should plans be made to expand BER, the proposed individual measures will be tailored to market requirements and the circumstances at the time and discussed by the FBB Supervisory Board. All in all, the cost of completing BER as currently quoted within the Supervisory Board remains unchanged. No additional shareholder funds are required for any strategic investments which may become necessary following the opening of BER for future capacity increases.

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