BER aircraft noise predictor now online

06.11.14 14:00

With its online aircraft noise predictor, FBB has become the first airport company to offer a user-friendly Web-based service which enables local residents to check future aircraft noise for a specific address.

The online tool provides information about the forecast level of aircraft noise once operations at the new airport have commenced. The aircraft noise predictor allows people who live near BER to enter their address and find out what height planes will fly over their home at and what the maximum noise levels are likely to be. Details of the equivalent continuous noise level are also shown separately for day and night for each address that is entered. This method uses the individual sound occurrences and breaks between noise to calculate an equivalent continuous noise level. By clicking on "easterly departures" or "westerly departures", noise levels can also be calculated for each direction in which aircraft take off and land. Within the online service, there is also an option to click on the FBB aircraft noise monitoring stations to view current and longer-term aircraft noise measurements. In addition to this, a map of the airport’s immediate surroundings shows the approach and departure routes defined by Germany’s Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Traffic Control (Bundesaufsichtsamt für Flugsicherung). The new online service also enables users to call up a map showing where their home is located within the areas which qualify for soundproofing and compensation. This gives residents an initial idea of which properties near BER are eligible for soundproofing and compensation. However, a full application for soundproofing must be made and approved before any legal entitlement exists. The information about maximum noise levels and flyover altitudes uses up-to-date measurements from the FBB aircraft noise monitoring stations. The equivalent continuous noise levels provided are based on a traffic forecast for 2015.

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