BER noise protection programme: All claimants to receive their claim assessments in 2015 / Voluntary advice scheme started / Compensation should be used for noise protection

29.01.15 12:07

FBB continues to devote full resources to the BER noise protection programme in 2015. The aim is that all residents should receive their individual claim assessments by the end of the year, and thus be able to have noise protection measures installed before BER opens. Moreover, FBB is extending its information and advisory scheme for the noise protection programme: in 2015 the information events that began last year will be continued in the neighbouring municipalities. Besides this, FBB is starting an optional advisory service for those local residents who receive compensation, assisting them with the installation of individual noise protection measures. Hartmut Mehdorn, CEO of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, explains: “Our goal is to help the claimants to realize noise protection measures as soon as possible. This includes the dispatch of the claim assessments this year, as well as intensive community support with numerous information events and new, individual advisory services. In 2015, with our reliable contribution to the noise protection programme, we want to show that we are a good neighbour.”
In the second half of 2014, FBB had initially sent claim assessments to the residents in the vicinity of the South Runway, thus preparing the way for the repair of the North Runway which scheduled to commence on 2 May of this year. As planned, FBB will now extend the work on the noise protection programme to the entire area around BER.

58 per cent of residents have received claim assessments

Currently, claims for noise protection measures have been received from some 19,400 property owners. FBB has approved the requirements for some 11,300 claims, equal to around 58 per cent. This means that that claim assessments have been sent and the property owners can now have noise protection installed or have already done this.

FBB extends information and advisory services

Since September 2014, FBB has regularly been arranging information events for the claimants in the noise protection areas. Last year a total of ten information events were held in the partial implementation area of the South Runway, for instance in Blankenfelde, Schulzendorf and Schmöckwitz. In total some 800 residents came to these events and discussed their substantive questions with the members of the noise protection team. This year FBB will organize a large number of further information events and will invite residents personally to these. At these events the contact persons of the noise protection team, the engineering firm, the surveyors for determining the fair market value of the measures and also the building contractors will be there to answer all individual questions.

New advisory service: noise protection instead of compensation

In the claim assessments sent out so far, FBB was for the most part able to approve the reimbursement of structural noise protection measures. Significantly fewer residents than first thought are receiving compensation because for them the costs calculated for structural noise protection measures are 30 per cent higher than the fair market value of the noise protection measures covered for the property to be protected. In order to assist these property owners, since December 2014 a new advisory service is being provided by an independent engineering firm. FBB has been able to recruit the Berlin-based acoustic engineering firm BeSB. BeSB is contacting the interested residents and is making advisory appointments that will take place in the Dialogue Forum at Mittelstraße 11 in Schönefeld.

Questions about noise protection? Call the residents’ hotline

Any local residents who would like to arrange an advisory appointment about their reimbursement procedure or who have questions about the noise protection programme or the status of their application can call the staff of the noise protection team on the residents’ hotline. The members of the noise protection team can be reached from Tuesday through to Thursday from 9:00 to 16:00 each day on telephone number 030 6091-73500. For those who would like more in-depth information about the technical and legal foundations of the noise protection programme, FBB recommends reading the Leitfaden Technischer Schallschutz (Technical Noise Protection Guide) and the Leitfaden Schallschutzbezogene Verkehrswertermittlung (Determination of the Fair Value Related to Noise Protection Guide). These and other detailed sources of information can be found in the FBB Neighbourhood Portal.

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