FBB submits documents for South Pier to building authorities / Mehdorn: "A good start to 2015"

29.01.15 13:02

Today Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH submitted important documents to the relevant building authorities of the Dahme-Spreewald district, namely the 3rd addendum to the request for planning permission for the BER South Pier building section. The addendum summarizes the structural changes that are required in order for planning permission to be granted for this building section. The submission of this application marks the end of the planning permission process for the South Pier. The documents will now be assessed by the relevant building authorities. Following official approval FBB will significantly increase the building activities within the South Pier. Considerable progress has already been made with work on the underground sprinkler control centre for the South Pier, which will be installed at the eastern end of the building section, and with the restructuring of the cable ducts.

The airport CEO Hartmut Mehdorn comments: “The punctual submission of the application for planning permission is a good start for BER in 2015. We will keep the public regularly informed about the further steps in the completion of BER, as we promised at the end of 2014.”

The main areas of focus in the 3rd addendum to the request for planning permission are the development of the VIP area, the construction of a gas extinguishing control centre, changes to the floor plan and the modification of shafts, machine rooms and stairs.

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