BER Airport: FBB contracts out planning services for the completion of BER

11.02.15 11:15

Once all the necessary execution planning work has been completed by the middle of 2015 FBB will require further planning services; however, these will be on a smaller scale. These comprise primarily approval and documentation purposes and planning services for smaller subsequent planning issues. Accordingly, FBB will be starting a new European tender procedure to secure the services of external planners after July 2015.

The stringent consistency of all BER planning documents is a key condition for the official approval of the new airport. In total, the BER plans comprise around 2.5 million individual documents.

The airport operator Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH in the past few days has contracted out the final planning services required to complete the smoke extraction systems in the BER terminal building and to secure all necessary supplements to the BER building permit. FBB will be continuing the planning contracts with Schüssler Plan and b.i.g., and the airport operator has also signed additional contracts with the planning offices Arcadis and Obermeyer. As publicly announced in December 2014 the plans are to be completed by mid-2015. The contracts run from February until July 2015.

Jörg Marks, Head of Equipment and Construction: “With these current contracting decisions FBB is ensuring that all necessary plans can be continued without interruption. These plans are primarily the work for the 5th supplement to the building permit, which is the conversion of the smoke extractor systems, and the 6th supplement, which is comprised of several groups of conversion work in the terminal. By splitting this work up amongst several planning offices we are ensuring maximum flexibility.”

The work was contracted out using a so-called interim tender in compliance with section 6 paragraph 2 of the Sector Ordinance.

FBB cancelled the European tender procedure for a general planner due to formal reasons. The official statement will be published shortly on the European tenders platform:

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