Concerning yesterday’s article in Bild am Sonntag “Was €40 million too much paid to scandal company?”


The allegations published in Bild am Sonntag of 1 March 2015 that one company involved in the BER project received an excess payment of 40 million euros are false and unfounded.

The true facts are as follows: the Bild am Sonntag report published on 1 March 2015 took internal working papers completely out of context; such papers are never factually significant or entirely accurate. At the airport operating company invoices and variations are always checked for their purpose and the final amount; they are subsequently double-checked by external auditors. At FBB forty people are responsible for invoice and variation checks at BER. FBB has been aware of the audit report quoted in Bild am Sonntag for a long time. The allegation voiced in Bild am Sonntag that €40 million had erroneously been paid is false: in this case, as in all others, in-depth checks are performed before any payments or part-payments are made. Once the final invoice has been submitted any remaining questions concerning the individual invoices and variations are settled. Aspects such as those highlighted in the working paper quoted in the Bild am Sonntag article are also taken into consideration at this point. This is a standard procedure that is common throughout the industry. Due to legal reasons the airport operator never discloses information about current contractual relationships. 

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