BER Finances/Investments in Tegel/BER Construction on Schedule

13.03.15 16:44

An important step in the financing of BER Airport was taken today: the €1.1 billion required for the completion of construction work at BER Airport will be made available to FBB in the form of capital contributions from the shareholders. Funds totalling €19 million will be invested in maintenance of the infrastructure at Tegel. The Supervisory Board of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH adopted resolutions to this effect during its meeting at Tegel Airport earlier today. Also on the Board’s agenda today: the progress in the completion of construction at BER Airport. Moreover, the Board said good-bye to airport CEO Hartmut Mehdorn, who handed over the reins of his office after two years of work to the 51-year-old manager Karsten Mühlenfeld.

BER Finances

In its meeting today, the FBB Supervisory Board discussed the additional costs of about €1.1 billion for Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The figures show construction costs, based on startup capacity of 27 million passengers, of €5.4 billion for Berlin Brandenburg Airport, corresponding to the estimate presented at the end of June 2014. FBB reviewed the figures once more and added more detail after the announcement of the opening date range (second half of 2017) in December of last year.

Rainer Bretschneider, current chairperson of the Supervisory Board, said: “We have taken important steps forward in recent months: In December 2014, we presented the opening date range for the second half of 2017, and the work on the site is now accelerating. As of today, it is clear that the €1.1 billion required for completion of BER will be made available as needed in the form of capital contributions to the Airport Company. We also discussed the FBB business plan in great depth. This is a solid and reliable basis for the notification procedure in Brussels.” 

The additional costs of about €1.1 billion are required largely for the realisation of the fire prevention concept, the reconstruction of the smoke removal system, the completion of construction on the terminal, additional construction and planning services, the refurbishment of the North Runway, the noise protection programme and the risk provisioning.

Investment Programme for Tegel

FBB is creating an investment programme worth €19 million for maintenance measures at heavily trafficked Tegel Airport this year. During its meeting today, the Supervisory Board consented to the proposals submitted by management. By making these investments, FBB will secure operations at Tegel Airport until the opening of BER. The funds will be used for infrastructure work on the mains and canal systems, roads and movement areas. The largest single measure is the laying of a new anti-skid surface on the southern runway. The maintenance work is scheduled to begin in Q2 2015. FBB is also preparing an investment programme for Schönefeld Airport; it has become necessary because of the positive development in passenger numbers and the recent announcements by airlines of their intention to add more flights to the schedule at Schönefeld.

BER Construction on Schedule

Jörg Marks, Head of Operations, reported on the current state of affairs at the construction site during the Supervisory Board Meeting: “We are on schedule with the timetable we presented in December 2014. We have reached the first milestones.” The next steps are clear as well: by the middle of 2015, all of the planning work is to be completed and the construction work is to be finished by March 2016.

Work Status March 2015 (in Comparison with December 2014)

  • Workers at the construction site: 480 vs 350 (+37%)
  • Degree of completion for the overhaul of the boxes: 59% (vs 42%)
  • Correction of fire protection deficiencies: 37% (vs 32%)
  • Correction of defects, final tasks etc: (46% (vs 40%)
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