Airport Night Run 2015: 4065 runners took place


A new record was set at this year’s Airport Night Run: 4065 runners took part in the annual night-time race across the illuminated BER grounds. 1147 runners competed in the half-marathon (21.0975 kilometres), 2875 runners opted for the 10-kilometre course, of which 43 did the 10-kilometre Power Walking race. The course took the runners over the illuminated south runway, past the German Air Traffic Control tower, the terminal and the south pier of BER. The starting shot for the ninth race at BER was fired at 7 pm, and the race was held as a Night Run for the third year running.

The best results of the half-marathon

Clocking in at 1:14:12 hours, Daniel Naumann from Hennigsdorf repeated his last year’s victory in the half-marathon. Second place went to Nicholas Baer with a time of 1:17:37 hours, and in third place was Benjamin Bertrand (time: 1:17:42 hours). The winner in the women’s half-marathon was Anne Schreckenberger from Berlin with a time of 1:33:52 hours. The second female runner past the finishing line was Katja Czerr, crossing with a time of 1:33:57 hours. Third place went to Anne Grießbach-Baerns (time: 1:34:28 hours).

The best runners in the 10-kilometre race

In the men’s 10-kilometre race Bernd Romeikat won with a time of 33:45 minutes; second to cross the finishing line was Jan Stelzner, who completed the course in 34:11 minutes. Third place went to Moritz Meißner with 34:21 minutes.  In the women’s race Karsta Parsiegla crossed the line at 40:15 minutes, ahead of Joana Möde in second place (time: 42:15 minutes). The third place went to Sandra Kötzle (time: 42:40 minutes).

The fastest company and the company with the most participants

This year, as in previous years, numerous companies took part in the Airport Night Run. In the half-marathon, Berliner Pilsener was the fastest company overall, and FBB was the fastest in the 10-kilometre race. A total of 62 of the airport operating company’s employees took part in the race, making it the company with the most runners.

School from the region with the most contestants

Several schools from the vicinity of the airport again competed in the Airport Night Run. The Villa Elisabeth Gymnasium in Wildau was the school with the most contestants and received a cheque for €150 as a prize.

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