Refurbishment of the north runway in Schönefeld: Residents hotline now available

21.04.15 11:55

The final preparations are under way to refurbish the north runway at Berlin Schönefeld Airport: early this morning, work started on expanding the security zone of Schönefeld Airport around the south runway of BER and other aircraft operation areas. So-called cleaning procedures, i.e. safety and technical inspections of systems and buildings, are already being carried out. As of 2 May, all air traffic will be re-routed from the north runway to the south runway of Schönefeld. Work will commence on 6 May to refurbish the north runway. All construction work is expected to be completed and all air traffic re-routed from the south back to the north runway by 24 October 2015. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has set up a hotline and email for neighbouring residents to obtain information on the status of construction and to report any noise disturbances while work is being carried out.

All the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions concerning the building project can be obtained from the airport company under the following link:

Just as work is about to start on refurbishing the north runway, all residents and all those interested are also being given the opportunity to take advantage of the airport company’s new online offering. At ‘Direkt zum BER’, visitors can ask specific questions relating to Berlin Brandenburg Airport or make general enquiries about the region’s air traffic. All users can vote on the questions submitted. The questions with the most positive votes will be answered and published by the airport company.

Construction work and process

The refurbishment of the north runway will involve renewing the two topmost layers of asphalt and laying an anti-skid surface. The security zones surrounding the runway will be structurally reinforced in line with the south runway. Furthermore, the drainage gullies running along both sides of the north runway will be demolished and rebuilt, sections of the rainwater drainage system renovated and parts of the wastewater system replaced. The lighting system will be converted to the latest LED technology.

The north runway will be refurbished in three stages from west to east. Building materials will be delivered primarily via the B96a federal highway. The airport company makes every effort to minimise inconvenience to residents and will inform residents separately if large volumes of traffic can be expected. The go-ahead for the runway refurbishment was given by the approving authorities (LuBB) on 11 December 2014.

No changes for passengers

There will be no changes for passengers arriving at or departing from Schönefeld.

Aircraft noise measurements

While refurbishing the north runway and temporarily re-routing air traffic to the south runway, the airport company will put into operation the monitoring stations around BER. FBB is also planning to implement mobile monitoring. The measurement results will be passed on to the relevant authorities and the Noise Abatement Commission and published in the airport company’s neighbourhood portal every month.

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