Another milestone has been reached:
Refurbishment of main wiring system completed

04.06.15 10:46

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has passed another key milestone in the remaining work for BER airport: today the refurbishment of the main wiring system was completed.

“The refurbishment of the main wiring system is an important milestone in the completion of the airport”, said Dr. Karsten Mühlenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. “We still have a lot to do. The construction work required for BER is a complex affair, but we are firmly committed to our plan of opening BER in the second half of 2017.”

The main wiring system is located inside the media ducts below the BER terminal building. Here all main supply cables for the general power supply, the emergency power supply and the low-voltage current are installed in a cable mounting system. Additionally, the media ducts also contain the main building services lines for heat, cooling and water supply. Together, the electronic media ducts for the north and the south side have a total length of 600 metres. The building services lines have a total length of 400 metres.

The main wiring system inside the passenger terminal was refused an operating permit, mainly because significant extensions were needed for the power supply lines, the presence of an unacceptable cable density (too many lines in the ducts), instances of sub-standard workmanship and a critical build-up of heat. After conducting new calculations and rigorous inspection by experts it was decided that an expensive and time-consuming relocation of power lines could be avoided.

During the construction work around 2,500 metres of cable mounting systems with cable trays were reinforced. Additionally, 35 kilometres of main cable were removed and relaid in the cable trays in a different order. In both building services ducts in the main pier north and south a large number of promat and steel trays were removed and/or repositioned. Parts of the spray deluge system and the main sprinkler pipeline were moved. Around 100 metres of heating pipes were insulated, as these were radiating heat onto adjacently installed electronics ducts and were the main cause of overheating in these two ducts.

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