11th International Work Camp: Young volunteers from all over the world spruce up the Groß Machnow estate park

03.08.15 13:40

The mayor of Rangsdorf, Klaus Rocher, today welcomed 18 participants from 13 nations as the International Work Camp gets under way. Aged between 16 and 24, the youngsters come from Georgia, Serbia, South Korea, Armenia, Russia, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany. With the help of volunteers, this year will see efforts continue in maintaining the Groß Machnow estate park in the Zülow lowlands. The International Work Camp aims to encourage youngsters from all over the world to get involved in nature and landscape conservation and development work in Rangsdorf.

The focal point is once again the garden monument of the Groß Machnow estate park. Work will continue on removing the park pathways, currently paved with asphalt, and creating a natural pathway appropriate to a listed garden along the same route. A population of around 250 trees will also be registered with the help of a land registry and shrubs will be marked. This serves to promote further careful handling of the historic park in future. Attention will also be paid to the grasslands, collecting rubbish and creating deadwood and clearance cairns for small animals.

The International Work Camp was first set up in 2005. The Landschaftspflegverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation) organises the International Work Camp in conjunction with the Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd) (Association for International Youth Community Projects). With this year’s participants, a total of 177 youngsters from 34 countries will have worked on protecting Rangdorf’s natural and landscape area since the work camp first started. Since Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has been sponsoring and supporting the meeting of the landscape conservationists for 11 years now, the supporting programme also includes a visit to the airport.

In the course of building Berlin Brandenburg Airport, the airport company has committed to a number of long-term compensatory measures. The aim of statutory conservation measures is to maintain equilibrium in the natural habitat surrounding BER. The most extensive of these projects is the upgrading of the Zülow lowlands. This involves some 2,600 hectares of lowland and cultivated landscape between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf and Rangsdorf previously used for intense agricultural purposes.

The work camp will run until 23 August. Media representatives are invited to visit the youngsters on camp and talk to them about the landscape conservation work they are doing. Visitor bookings can be made via one of the contacts below. A special invitation to the closing event will be sent out, where the results of the work will be presented.

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