Berlin Brandenburg Airport: FBB concludes agreement with Imtech on continuation of services

17.08.15 15:03

The Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH project committee convened today to discuss the initial results of the Imtech task force. The current situation is as follows:

With the agreement of the provisional insolvency administrator, FBB today concluded an agreement on the provision of services (tender unit 7.2 Electrical work). Accordingly, Imtech is obliged to perform its prevailing contractual obligations. The agreement also regulates that payments for services performed and inspected are to be made onto a special BER account set up by the provisional insolvency administrator.

Airport CEO Karsten Mühlenfeld: "In the form of today's agreement with Imtech, we have made an initial key decision in order to minimise the consequences of Imtech's bankruptcy announcement for BER. This guarantees the continuity of construction work. The task force will now continue its work and discuss the next steps to be taken with everyone involved, and in particular the provisional insolvency administrator. The risk of bankruptcy by BER construction companies has been and remains a component of basic risk assessment on the part of FBB. We will keep you informed of events as they unfold."

Hannes Stefan Hönemann

Hannes Stefan Hönemann Head of Corporate

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Daniel Tolksdorf

Daniel Tolksdorf Spokesman

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