Declaration of Clarification: Tagesspiegel Report on 10/09/2015

10.09.15 12:40

In reference to the Tagesspiegel report on 10/09/2015, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has issued the following declaration of clarification:

The allegation made in today’s report from the editorial staff (which has been made repeatedly) that a work accident on 29/06/2015 had a negative impact on flight operations of the South Runway at BER that is currently in operation is incorrect. Concretely, the Tagesspiegel alleges that “electrical equipment for the current flight operations of the South Runway is being supplied illegally with ‘construction electricity’ from the terminal, which has not yet been accepted.” This is not true. There has never at any time been any “illegal practice at the South Runway”. All of the measures have been carried out in consultation with the responsible government authorities.

The systems mentioned by the Tagesspiegel — obstacle lighting, apron lighting and MLAT sensor system (for determination of aircraft positions) — do not (as incorrectly described by the editorial staff) affect the South Runway at BER. Safe flight operations are assured at all times even without the use of these systems. Redundant and previously prepared procedures prevented impact of any kind on operations as a consequence of the loss of power. Flight operations on the South Runway are safe and in compliance with the established regulations. Internal documentation of the Airport Company that seemingly suggests the opposite was prepared by a construction worker who is not responsible for flight operations and who was unaware of the circumstances of the situation.

Background information: during cable-pulling work at the BER terminal at the end of June, an arc flash occurred in a utility room in the vicinity of a power rail. This caused damage to the switch panels of a low-voltage distribution system.

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