Concerning the current press coverage after the meeting of the BER Special Committee


Commenting on the current press coverage after the meeting of the BER Special Committee, airport CEO Karsten Mühlenfeld issued the following statement:

"At the BER Special Committee the current issues affecting the airport operating company were discussed, including the present status at BER and the fact that 600 dry walls still require additional fire protection reinforcement. Some of these walls will need additional supports or reinforcement to comply with the necessary fire protection classification. Only a very small proportion of these walls needs to be completely rebuilt; part of this work has already been completed. These issues are all part of the remediation plans for BER. We reported on this today in Potsdam. To equate this remediation work with gutting or demolition, as has been suggested in some press coverage, is ridiculous. Last week I said that we would also come across procedures from the past that appear to be unbelievable at first. This is an example. However, it is now firmly integrated in the current project status. Last Friday, we also said that we are behind schedule by about three to four months. These events have not altered this situation.”

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