Smoke extraction fans in the terminal are operational: Test report confirms structural stability of all technical platforms

05.11.15 13:55

All static problems associated with structural stability on the part of the technical platforms in the BER terminal have been solved. And the five technical platforms bearing the heavy smoke extraction fans are now also operational.

The final solution involved ten supplementary weld seams on the technical platforms in order to additionally secure the fans. The current test report now confirms that this also ensures structural stability during operation. “The design corresponds with the specifications of the statics tested. The corresponding final report can be drawn up following submission of the final documentation. At this point in time and in terms of structural stability, there are no reservations to commissioning the RGV platforms with the increased loads”, according to the state-recognised inspection engineer for structural analysis.

On 1 October, the building authorities in the district of Dahme-Spreewald (BOA) had already lifted the temporary closure of the terminal due to the possibility of undersized technical platforms. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH had initially provided evidence that the ten technical platforms bearing the lighter smoke extraction fans in the front section of the terminal (Check-in hall) are stable and operable without any further modifications. The five heavier smoke extraction fans were not initially operational necessitating FBB to carry out safety measures on site on the respective technical platforms in the rear section of the terminal (Marketplace), i.e. additionally securing the fans, and adapting the fire safety concept accordingly on site.

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