Milestone reached: Airport company completes 5th supplement to BER building permit

15.02.16 14:59

Today, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH submitted the last documents for the 5th supplement to the building authorities (BOA) for the district of Dahme-Spreewald. On completion of the 5th supplement, the authorities now have all of the plans of relevance for issuing permits for rebuilding the smoke extraction systems in the BER terminal.

Completion of the 5th supplement to the BER building permit involves revisions of and additions to the planning documents. The documents for all new plans concerning the smoke extraction systems have been examined by an independent expert. Over the past few weeks and months, this process involved more than 40,000 documents representing design planning, detailed design as well as plant and assembly plans by all planning agencies involved to date in the project for the 63 mechanical smoke extraction systems, the 60 purging air systems and the 190 mechanical smoke extraction scenarios being evaluated, revised and integrated in the almost 5,000 documents comprising the 5th supplement. The plan reviewer was then able to confirm the quality of the plans submitted.

The 5th supplement also includes system 14, the largest smoke extraction system in the passenger terminal, which has been or will be divided up into several smaller systems which are easier to handle. On approval of the 5th supplement by the authorities, the airport company will commence outstanding work on the smoke extraction systems in the BER terminal requiring a building permit, e.g. roof penetrations or static modifications.

The next task will involve Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH supplying the building authorities with the outstanding plan verification for the 6th supplement which will also be the last addition. This will cover all remaining issues of safety relevance such as supplements in accordance with construction laws to emergency power supply and the fire alarm system at BER.

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