Information on the government airport. Examination of the follow-up requirements to the 5th supplement

11.03.16 15:35

Government airport

It is clear to the shareholders Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government as well as the airport company that the government airport is to move to BER. The next steps to be taken are to be discussed in person. The parties also agree that agreements reached concerning the special air mission wing and the government terminal are to be honoured. In time for the next Supervisory Board meeting in April, the airport company has the task of submitting proposals on how the main construction measure at the government airport, e.g. construction site clearing, is to be implemented in accordance with the Supervisory Board resolutions.

Completion of BER

Another topic at the Supervisory Board meeting was the 5th supplement to the building permit for the BER terminal. Management has reported the follow-up requirements announced by the building authorities to the Supervisory Board. Airport CEO Karsten Mühlenfeld emphasised that co-operation is good between the local building authorities and the supreme building inspectorate of the state of Brandenburg. Problems are being tackled and management of the airport company will present the next steps to be taken by the next Supervisory Board meeting.

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