easyJet stations tenth aircraft in Berlin: New routes from Schönefeld to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Priština and Catania

04.04.16 11:13

easyJet is ready to take off to new destinations after stationing its tenth aircraft at the Berlin site. Starting with the summer flight schedule, the airline will be offering a direct connection from Berlin Schönefeld to Bordeaux. Additional new destinations are Toulouse, Priština and Catania. easyJet also plays an important role for tourism in the capital city.

Strong partner for Berlin

Berlin Schönefeld Airport and easyJet have been successful partners for many years. The airline opened its first German base in Berlin in 2004. Since that start, the company has steadily expanded its operations at the location. “easyJet has been a valued partner for twelve years and has developed into the airline with the largest market share in Schönefeld,” says Dr Karsten Mühlenfeld, CEO of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. “Growth at the site has been strongly influenced by easyJet and has made a major contribution to Schönefeld becoming the largest low-cost site in Germany. That is why we are especially pleased about the stationing of the tenth aircraft and the announcement of the new destinations Bordeaux, Priština, Toulouse and Catania.”

Bordeaux — the highlight of the summer flight schedule

“Let’s go surfing!” Starting immediately, easyJet will take summer holidaymakers looking for sports activities straight from the German capital to the French surfing spots in the vicinity of Bordeaux. The French city is still a great highlight for wine-lovers as well, however. The surrounding wine-growing region of the same name with about 3,000 vineyards is the largest contiguous wine region in the world. The city itself is well worth the trip; historical buildings, numerous museums and the immediate proximity to the Atlantic are among the factors making Bordeaux an attractive destination.

Furthermore, the airline will be flying to Toulouse and Priština starting in spring and at the end of June, the offered routes will be expanded by the addition of Berlin–Catania. During the summer season, easyJet will be flying a total of 44 routes from the capital city, including a large selection of popular holiday routes and important business destinations. “We are continuing to invest in the Berlin location,” says Thomas Haagensen, Managing Director easyJet Germany. “We are delighted to station our tenth aircraft in Berlin. Using our fleet here, we will fly the equivalent of 15 aircraft in terms of routes and frequencies. Furthermore, the new aircraft will not only provide new destinations, but will also create 36 new jobs as a direct result.” A total of 400 employees will be working for easyJet in Berlin and more than 500 all across Germany, all of them with German employment contracts. This summer, easyJet will be offering 87 routes nationwide in Germany.

easyJet brings tourists to Berlin

The airline is continuing to gain in importance for tourism in Berlin. In 2015, more than 4.8 million passengers flew from and to Berlin Schönefeld with easyJet — 6.6% more than in the previous year. More than 46 million passengers have flown from and to Germany with easyJet since 2004 — more than 30 million of them from and to Berlin. More than half of all of the easyJet passengers in Berlin are visitors from other European countries. Burkhard Kieker, Managing Director visitBerlin, emphasises: “We are delighted indeed that our guests from the south-west of France will find it even easier to visit Berlin in the future. The new direct flight Berlin–Bordeaux is a great benefit for everyone concerned. Our city has something special for everyone’s taste — every day of the year, any time of day.”

About easyJet:

easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, offers a unique and successful combination of the best network of routes connecting Europe’s central airports with one another with excellent value for money and friendly service.

easyJet flies more of the most popular European routes than any other airline. Every year, more than 70 million passengers choose easyJet, 12 million of them business travellers. easyJet maintains a fleet of more than 240 aircraft flying more than 810 routes between over 130 airports in more than 32 countries. Over 300 million Europeans live less than an hour away from an easyJet airport.

easyJet is committed to its corporate vision of accepting responsibility and sustainable operations; its personnel in seven countries across all of Europe are employed on the basis of local employment contracts in compliance with national laws and in recognition of trade unions. The airline supports a large number of local aid organisations and also maintains a partnership with UNICEF, collecting more than €5.5 million for especially endangered children since its inception in 2012.

easyJet takes environmental sustainability seriously. The airline invests in the latest technology, is committed to efficient operation and posts a high load factor for its flights. An easyJet passenger causes 22% lower emissions than a passenger of a traditional airline on board the same type of aircraft and flying the same route.

Innovation is in easyJet’s blood — from the start of business operations 20 years ago, when easyJet revolutionised aviation, down to the present day, we have been leaders in the areas of digitalisation, internet, engineering and operational innovations, making travel both simpler and more affordable for our passengers.

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