Emergency exercise at the airport: The county coordinates a large-scale exercise

16.04.16 16:42

With the aid of approximately 1,400 participants, the county of Dahme-Spreewald held a large-scale emergency exercise today, Saturday, 16 April 2016, at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Around 100 of the airport operator’s personnel also took part in the exercise, including staff from the Airport Fire Brigade, the traffic control unit, airport security and emergency helpers. The exercise simulated a collision between a fully occupied aircraft and a fully occupied apron bus.

At the accident site, the recovery, rescue and provision of first aid for the 500 people involved in the incident was practiced. The emergency services rescued and evacuated the airplane and bus passengers from the danger zone. Those with serious injuries were taken to the hospitals in the surrounding area for treatment. Those with minor injuries and the uninjured were treated and registered on site in a specially designated treatment area at the airport.

Gunnar Kaiser, head of operational safety at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “For the airport operator, the most important aspect was to check that the alarm systems, rescue chain and the collaboration with the external services worked as detailed in our emergency plans. Our initial assessment of the exercise shows that everything worked smoothly. All processes will be analysed in detail and evaluated over the next few weeks.”

Wolfgang Starke, security official for the county of Dahme-Spreewald / director of the emergency exercise: “All the services involved in this exercise are satisfied with the progress and result of the exercise. This was the largest exercise ever planned and executed by the county of Dahme-Spreewald with all services from the emergency services and disaster control of the states of Brandenburg and Berlin.”

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