Noise protection becomes more citizen-friendly
New additional regulations, expanded protected areas, new noise protection brochure

17.06.16 12:00

“We are becoming even more citizen-friendly in terms of noise protection”, announced airport CEO Karsten Mühlenfeld at the opening press conference on the first Noise Protection Days organised by FBB. The airport company invited local residents to the DialogForum in Mittelstraße in Schönefeld on 17 and 18 June 2016 where the current noise protection situation and next steps to be taken were presented. Mühlenfeld added: “We want to familiarise local residents in particular with the additional regulations for the daytime protection area helping us to handle their individual requests and expectations. We will also be sending out our new Noise Protection Brochure presenting the essential noise protection issues in a comprehensible manner. These key steps would have been inconceivable without the committed support and constructive criticism offered by the Aircraft Noise working group in the Dialogforum. Thank you very much for your support!”
Herbert Burmeister, DialogForum Berlin Brandenburg Airport: “At times, it was an uphill struggle for progress in terms of noise protection for those affected by aircraft noise but it has paid off in the end. The eight modules now on offer improve the capacity for action on the part of FBB and the possibilities for individually implementing noise protection for those affected by aircraft noise.”

Extended protection areas, additional claimants

Airport CEO Mühlenfeld added that FBB has adapted the noise protection area to the flight routes for BER specified by the Federal Supervisory Authority for Aviation Safety (BAF). Accordingly, the night-time protection zone is extended to the south-east of the airport to include parts of Rotberg, Kiekebusch and Karlshof, and parts of Dahlewitz and Jühnsdorf to the south-west. 11,750 households are now eligible (previously: 11,500). The daytime protection area is extended to include parts of Kiekebusch and Dahlewitz. 14,250 households are now eligible (previously: 14,000). The number of those eligible for sound protection measures has therefore increased from 25,000 households to 26,000.

Additional regulations for the day protection area

FBB offers claimants in the day protection area the following eight modules for flexible and citizen-friendly noise protection: Double glazing, Step-by-step, Financing, Wall insulation, Kitchen, Top-up payment, Low room height, Conservatory. The modules can be applied for individually or in combination and aim to help to minimise complexity and intervention in the building structure.
The additional regulations for the day protection area are essentially based on months of work by the Aircraft Noise working group at the regional DialogForum at Berlin Brandenburg Airport where representatives of surrounding communities and urban districts in south-east Berlin, citizen initiatives and the airport company had developed a so-called noise protection matrix summarising the most important issues for citizen-friendly noise protection.
Burmeister and Mühlenfeld agreed that the implementation rate for noise protection is currently less than desirable. Mühlenfeld: “We both hope that the additional regulations will add some impetus to implementation. Our aim is for local residents to have noise protection installed. This also applies for those entitled to compensation.” Burmeister and Mühlenfeld also urged prudence when selecting construction companies. Mühlenfeld: “We are increasingly receiving information about dubious offers by companies attempting to fob residents off with windows of inferior quality. When implementing structural entitlements, we can only advise residents to stay clear of doorstep sales and consult the engineering agency for thorough inspection when accepting work.”

Overview of information offered to residents

FBB Noise Protection Hotline

+49 (0)30 6091 73500


FBB Neighbourhood Portal


  • with guidelines
  • Plan presentations
  • FAQs

Haus DialogForum

noise protection advice for the administrative districts


+49 (0)30 6341 07900

Brandenburg Contracts Awards Consulting


Noise Protection Days offered by FBB

The FBB Noise Protection Team will be available to answer questions in person on the Noise Protection Days. Numerous construction companies will provide information on technical construction issues. Local residents can obtain information on the additional regulations discussed intensively in the DialogForum as well as practical issues concerning noise protection. FBB will also be presenting the new Noise Protection Guide to the public.

The FBB Noise Protection Days will take place at:


Mittelstrasse 11

12529 Schönefeld

(formerly airportworld, opposite Schönefeld railway station).

Opening times:
Friday, 17 June 2016, 10 am to 6 pm. The brief presentations on “Ihr Weg zum schallgeschützten Haus” (How to soundproof your house) will take place at 11 am and 3 pm.
Saturday, 18 June 2016, 10 am to 4 pm. The brief presentations on “Ihr Weg zum schallgeschützten Haus” (How to soundproof your house) will take place at 11 am and 1 pm.

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