BER Railway Station utilisation concept:
All documents submitted for the 5th supplement

08.07.16 16:45

The airport company Supervisory Board was preoccupied with the following topics at its meeting today:

Medium-term extension of capacity by 2023

Flight operations in Berlin are still increasing at an above-average rate. In order to adapt the location to increasing requirements over the medium and long term, the airport company has pushed the necessary extension projects accordingly. In Schönefeld, the 12 x 4 metres reinforced steel bearers for the new terminal D2 were erected during the course of last week. The new facade line is currently being mounted for the Terminal B extension and the existing facade is being de-constructed. Refurbishment of the multi-storey parking lot and construction of a new coach parking facility are also on schedule. All construction measures are to be completed during the course of the year. A decision was also made to extend the P4 multi-storey parking facility in Schönefeld to include a further two floors, thereby creating more than 300 new parking spaces. Completion is scheduled for Q2 2017. Within the framework of temporary further operation at Schönefeld, the budget for relocating the buildings for ground traffic services was also approved in order to close the gap to the B96a.

Another project involves extending the medial infrastructure at Schönefeld and BER (electricity, water, waste water, heat) in order to safeguard supplies to the additional buildings planned. On the air side, apron areas and taxiways are also being upgraded and/or newly built to ensure parallel operations at Schönefeld and BER. The Supervisory Board agreed to the requisite budget for both projects today.

In order to create additional capacities at BER, a new terminal is to be built for 8 million passengers as an extension of the North Pier. A multi-storey carpark is also to be built for the new terminal and plans also envisage relocating the coach parking lot and taxi waiting area as they currently occupy an area which will be required for the new carpark building. The necessary budget was also agreed for these two projects.

Furthermore, this year will see the airport company commencing master plans for the period after 2024.

Status quo smoke extraction at the terminal/station interface

The airport company has drawn up the fourth addition to the 5th supplement to the building permit. Last Thursday, the documents including the interface documents for the feeder level/station were submitted. Accordingly, the airport company has handled the first of three tasks assigned as a result of the summit talk aimed at clarifying smoke extraction at the interface between the terminal and the railway station. These documents have created the conditions for handling the standard timetable of Deutsche Bahn which is oriented towards the actual capacities required by the station under the BER terminal in the years to come.

Dr Karsten Mühlenfeld, CEO Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “We have worked out a solution which is realistic. The standard timetable depicts the actual requirements. This agreement has also been possible thanks to constructive co-operation with the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (Federal Railway Authority) and the Bauordnungsamt (Building Authorities). This compromise sees us creating the conditions for approval of the 5th supplement and the continued possibility of opening BER in 2017.”

In a next step in August 2016, the airport company will present the agreed milestone plan for realising the requisite maximum timetable. FBB will also conclude any planning and structural steps required for achieving comprehensive utilisation of the station during the transition period of two years following official opening.

Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin and Chairman of the FBB Supervisory Board: “The airport company has taken a key step as agreed in the summit meeting held in the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) last week. The building authorities can now examine the documents and issue a conditional approval of the fifth supplement on the basis of this inspection.”

Construction progress at BER

Overall progress in planning and construction of the passenger terminal had reached 72 per cent by the end of June 2016. The airport company has concluded scheduling with the companies responsible for construction and technical commissioning, and integrated the results in the revised general schedule. Parallel to the construction process, technical commissioning is currently underway with the goal of approval for use. According to this schedule, the official BER opening is still planned for the second half of 2017.

Government airport

The Supervisory Board has agreed to the budget for freeing up an area as soon as possible for the final construction measure by the government on Ramp 2. This is associated with creating a substitute area for aircraft parking positions not available in Schönefeld. The Supervisory Board had already resolved to pursue this so-called variant 5a in April. A decision was also reached that construction of the interim terminal was to be assigned to a general contractor. The requisite plans are to be undertaken by the planner at the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (Institute for Federal Real Estate, BImA), ensuring good conditions for commissioning the government airport within an acceptable timeframe.

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