Schönefeld extension: Flight operations areas to be overhauled and extended

19.09.16 17:43

Temporary usage of the South Runway at BER in summer 2017

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH is extending Schönefeld Airport in order to provide the requisite capacities for increasing passenger figures. To this aim, a new terminal is currently being built at SXF North, the existing Terminal B is being extended, and more parking spaces and a new coach park are being developed. As already announced in September 2015, the flight operations areas also require overhauling and extension in order to operate both locations in parallel when BER opens. The Supervisory Board agreed to the requisite budget in July 2016. During the course of construction work planned, it will be necessary to temporarily close the runway at Schönefeld Airport. As of mid-July 2017, flight operations from Schönefeld are therefore to be handled by the future South Runway at BER for a period of three months. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH will make an official application to the Joint Aviation Authority of Berlin-Brandenburg (LuBB) in early October.

Construction work on flight operations areas

Construction work on extending the flight operations areas is broken down into several sub-projects. As aircraft need to be able to taxi from both runways to the BER terminal and the terminals in Schönefeld without obstructing each other once BER is open, there are plans to undertake infrastructural adjustments, build additional taxiways and/or renovate existing ones. Furthermore, additional aprons need to be built in front of the planned Terminal T1-E, for example, in order to provide the requisite handling positions in the short and medium term. As of October 2016, Taxiway Charlie is to be completed along the North Runway. An alternative location is to be built in the Maintenance Area for the maintenance operations located there to date. Most of the remaining construction work will start in July 2017 with preparations currently underway.

Information for residents

All residents living within the area affected by temporary usage of the South Runway are entitled to claim for noise protection measures. New residents added following this year's recalculation of the affected areas compared to the previous protection zones were written to personally in July 2016 and requested to file their applications for noise protection. As for refurbishment of the North Runway in 2015, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH will set up an information centre for area residents which can be reached by e-mail and phone; airport neighbours can contact the centre to learn about the progress of construction work and to report any disturbances from the noise. All information on the noise protection programme is available in the neighbourhood portal (only German language).

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