The latest low-noise ventilation for BER residents

13.01.17 14:34

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH is making headway with its plan to make the noise-reduction programme even more people friendly. Residents within the BER noise-reduction zone can now have the latest noise-reduction ventilation with heat recovery installed, which were only launched at the beginning of the year. Airport boss Dr. Karsten Mühlenfeld justified this step by FBB as follows, “Practical experience shows that previous commercial ventilators do fulfil planning requirements and have been installed tens of thousands of times in similar infrastructure projects in Germany. However, a new generation of noise-reduction ventilation has been available since the start of this year. It offers significant increases in comfort over previous units. Venting control is automatic and the units feature a heat recovery function. We therefore decided that we should make these systems available to BER residents immediately.”

Ralf Wagner, Head of Noise Reduction at FBB, stresses that the units offer a significant increase in comfort for BER residents, “The automated control of aeration and venting means that no additional ventilation scheduling is required. In addition, residents can take advantage of heat recovery through significant reductions in heat loss compared with previous systems. Furthermore, the units feature a pollen filter, which is of particular interest for allergy sufferers. We think that other suppliers will launch similar systems very soon.”

New generation of noise-reduction ventilation

The AEROVITAL ambience, the first noise-reduction ventilation system of its generation, hit the market at the start of the year. Wieland Frank, CEO of SIEGENIA GROUP, describes the advantages of the system: “The AEROVITAL ambience is now available after years’ of development. These new ventilation units offer controlled aeration and venting and are almost completely silent thanks to their very low noise level. In addition, they are also very well suited for use in the BER noise-reduction programme thanks to their first class noise reduction of up to Dn, e, w= 58 decibels. The integrated heat recovery offers airport residents a major increase in comfort, as the unit’s two ceramic heat exchangers deliver heat recovery efficiency of up to 85 %. This gives the AEROVITAL ambience an energy label of A to A+. The intelligent humidity control, which is fitted as standard, also offers customers additional efficient protection from the potential risk of mould formation.”

This new ventilation system also conforms to the requirements of the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg thanks to its combined aeration and venting function (judgement of 03.05.2016, OVG 6 A 31.14).

Who can apply?

In principal, all residents within the noise-reduction zone, who qualify, can have the new ventilation systems installed.

  • Residents who still haven’t received confirmation of their qualification will automatically be offered the new systems by FBB.
  • Residents who have already received installation confirmation or have accepted a financial compensation agreement from FFB, for those within the night noise zone, but who still do not have a ventilation system installed, will receive notification from FBB about the option of having the new ventilation units installed.
  • Residents, who have already had an available noise-reduction ventilation system installed, can have their units replaced with a new one.


More information about the AEROVITAL ambience is provided by SIEGENIA GROUP on their website www.siegenia.com.

Overview of all information from FBB about the new ventilation units

FBB noise-reduction hotline

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A model of the AEROVITAL ambience will be on display for residents at Dialog-Forum from February.

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