Airport Night Run 2017:
6,564 runners at the starting line

10.04.17 15:11

Perfect running weather for the Airport Night Run: a mild 14 degrees and minimal wind drew a total of 6,564 runners to the 11th Airport Night Run (powered by Securitas) at BER. Of which 1,413 ran the half-marathon, 4,188 the 10 km run and 560 the 4x4 km relay (in total 140 team relay). 69 contestants walked the ten kilometre course and 334 skaters did the 15 km course for the first time. The route for runners and skaters led past the terminal in the evening hours, as along the piers, under the air bridges, over the lit southern runway and airfield. The starting shot for the skaters rang at 5 pm, for the half-marathon at 7.15 pm and for the others at 7.40 pm.

The best in the 15 km skating event


  1. Laura-Marlen Servidio from Berlin, time: 0:28:13
  2. Sabine Pechstein from Berlin, time: 0:30:34
  3. Antje Dometzky from Berlin, time: 0:30:34


  1. Giacomo Cuncu from Berlin, time: 0:25:15
  2. Alexander José Bastidas from Berlin, time: 0:25:17
  3. Frank Bussmann from Berlin, time: 0:25:24

The best in the half-marathon


  1. Katrin Grigalat from Berlin, time: 1:29:57
  2. Nadine Lischke from Birkenstein, time: 1:34:57
  3. Katja Czerr from Berlin, time: 1:36:44


  1. Niels Bubel from Berlin, time: 1:11:30
  2. Ludwig Reicherstorfer from Berlin, time: 1:13:54
  3. Michael Richter from Berlin, time: 1:17:53

The best in the 10 km run


  1. Nadja Kehrle from Berlin, time: 0:39:18
  2. Nicole Schulze from Berlin, time: 0:39:39
  3. Fiona Zoebeli from Kirchlindach (Schweiz), time: 0:40:40


  1. Cedric Magnien from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (Frankreich), time: 0:33:27
  2. Bernd Romeikat from Berlin, time: 0:34:47
  3. Viacheslav Filippov from Berlin, time: 0:34:55

The fastest in the 4x4 km relay


Berliner Pilsner: Barbara Rogge, Anne Grießbach, Angela Fink, Lilly Lißner, total time: 1:09:19


IKK BB Racing Team: Fabian Hirt, Sascha Vetter, Phillip Banner, Elio Cuncu, total time: 0:54:22


Eggesiner Waldläufer: Martin Kundschaft, Sarah Kundschaft, Hardy Kundschaft, Lukas Tews, total time: 1:07:31

The fastest and the company with most entrants

A total of 49 companies took part in the 11th Airport Night Run on 8th April. The half-marathon was won by the company Berliner Pilsner. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH was the fastest company in the 10 km run. Innungskrankenkasse Brandenburg und Berlin was the fastest in the team relay. The airport company was praised as the company with the most entrants.

All results are available under www.berlin-laeuft.de.

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