Restoration of the main power cable at Tegel Airport after heavy rainfall damage:
Further measures in motion to preserve high operational reliability

27.07.17 13:49

A power cable at Tegel Airport that was damaged by the torrential rainfall in the German capital region at the end of June needs to be replaced. Flooding occurred as pools of water penetrated the cable shaft underneath the airport's apron area. The resulting short-circuiting led to a protective shut-down and the power supply for the control tower of the German Air Traffic Control, among other areas, has since then been running on a redundant line. This in turn is safeguarded by an emergency power supply. An immediately implemented damage assessment has revealed that the damaged power cable (6000 volts), running at a length of 2,400 metres is in need of replacement. A new power line will be drawn through the pre-existing cable shafts (so-called stub lines) underneath the runways. Completion of the repairs is planned for the end of August, 2017. The cost for the action concerned amounts to around 500,000 euros.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: "Tegel is a safe airport. There are no ifs or buts about it. There is no question of compromise in this matter either. With years of experience behind them, our on-site team is doing a splendid job by solving as smoothly as possible the problems that stem from the aged infrastructure. The high capacity utilisation at the Tegel site is a very big challenge for all involved".

Current operational reliability measures

Regardless of the repair work being carried out on the power cable, restoration measures are also being implemented at Tegel Airport with the goal of ensuring secure ongoing operations, before the airport's approved closure. The following measures, therefore, are to be carried out in the next few months:

  • Runway maintenance work (surface dressing renewal) – ca. 2 million euros
  • Renewal of concrete bays at taxiways due to 'concrete cancer' – ca. 350,000 euros
  • Renewal of drinking water and hydrant pipelines – ca. 1.7 million euros
  • Renewal of part of the runway navigation lighting system – ca. 250,000 euros
  • Reinforcement of individual baggage carousels – ca. 180,000 euros

Operational reliability measures for 2013 and 2015

The airport company was already able to guarantee secure operations at Tegel Airport in the past through prior maintenance.

This way, in 2015, an investment programme of around 19 million euros aided the outfitting of the southern runway with an anti-skid layer, a sprinkler tank replacement and the acquisition of a new cooling unit for air conditioning of the terminals. The biggest individual measure was the renewal of the southern runway at a cost of around 3 million euros. In addition, sanitary facilities in Terminals C and D were refurbished, automated boarding pass checks enlarged, the gate for long-hauls in Terminal A extended as well as reinforcement of the baggage conveying system being carried out. On top of all these measures, work was executed on the asphalt surfaces landside and on pipe and cable systems.

In 2013, around 17 million euros had been invested. The renewal of the tarmac wear coat as well as the refitting of navigation lighting on the northern and southern runways was carried out, among other things. What is more, IT hardware was replaced and air conditioning components modernised. In Terminal D, a supplementary baggage conveyer belt, including multi-layer X-ray equipment was installed. A transit zone (non-Schengen area) was also put in place. Furthermore, repair work on installations that are prone to breakdown (restricting passenger flow) was carried out. This pertains to the revolving doors at the entrance hall towards Terminal A and B, external stairs as well as roof areas.

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