BER masterplan is on the right track: Agreements solidified with building contractors for the overall BER timing schedule

15.09.17 19:30

The supervisory board has today agreed to the continued pursuit of the 'Midfield' planning scenario – a plan of action favoured by the airport company within the BER master plan. Other issues on the agenda included agreements with the federal government for the construction of a government airport, as well as progress being made with regard to construction work at the BER.

BER construction work

At the end of August, the airport company nailed down a timing schedule with contractors for the completion of construction work. At present, processes pertaining to upcoming performance testing, foundation assessments and integration testing are being coordinated in order to pave the way for the escort of external technical experts. On top of this, terms of the building supervisory authority for permissions for use of the passenger terminal are in the process of being voted upon. Furthermore, headway in the provision of services as well as the management of risks that still linger in the construction venture also remains at the forefront of planning considerations.

State Secretary Rainer Bretschneider, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: "The master plan displays how the BER can continue to be developed on a needs-based footing. We are still on the right track in this regard. An important aspect of the transition phase is having come to an agreement with the federal government in finding a solution for the government airport, while at the same time being able to continue processing some 10 million passengers in Schönefeld. In view of construction activity heading towards final opening, it is of considerable importance that a binding timing schedule has been solidified between management and the contractors concerned.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: "We have managed to consolidate all the various, individual projects within the company together towards the long-term aim of completing the BER. Coming to technical agreements with contractors is an important step in this direction. At the same time, we must look to the future. The airport expansion programme, construction of the government airport and master planning intelligently coalesce. Four pillars quantify the underlying concept of the master plan – being: simple, flexible, central and interconnected. For the first time, a new quality plan now exists for the completion and development of the BER."

Midfield fulfils requirements the best

Over the last three months, the airport company has been weighing in on the various scenarios of the master plan. The result of deliberations on the scenarios saw the supervisory board determine that the expansion of Midfield continue apace, seeing as the required capacities can be made more readily available in terms of speed and price-saving there, as opposed to in the North and West. Through the extension of the both north and south piers and the existence of a second terminal, the BER can be expanded to cope with the influx of up to 55 million passengers in 2040. The already agreed-to expansion programme of the BER, along with the upgrading of Schönefeld Nord, the development of media infrastructure, aircraft operational areas, as well as the new construction of the T1-E Terminal have all been integrated into the master plan.

Agreements with the federal government for the construction of the government airport, as ascertained in the master plan, also help contribute to the step-by-step development of Midfield. Thanks to the use of a 25-metre-wide land strip, some 10 million passengers per year can continue to be processed until the end of 2025, even after the planned handover of the construction site to the federal government by the end of 2021.

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